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From personal conveniences to life-saving services, there are plenty of niche markets to tap within this "killer app" of wireless data services. First, though, a strong infrastructure is needed. Location-based services have received considerable attention, and are frequently mentioned as one of the "killer applications" of wireless data services. Like all new technologies, certain applications of location-based services have been overhyped while others have been overlooked. This article provides a brief overview of the opportunity, while addressing a number of the misconceptions. One of the jobs of a marketer is to try to create concise "use cases" with which to explain the value of a product or service. For the last couple of years, players in the industry (myself included, I confess), have described the wireless location-based services opportunity by holding up a... (more)

Driven to Distraction

We've all seen it - the driver in rush-hour traffic reading the paper, a parent turning toward the backseat looking after a young child, a driver and passenger engaged in a heated discussion and, of course, the people who talk animatedly on their cell phones, oblivious to the world. The consequences of such driver distraction are frequently catastrophic. A recent study by the U.S.-based National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) placed cell-phone use fourth on the list of causes of motor vehicle accidents after drunk driving, aggressive driving, and speeding. And it'... (more)

What Has 18 Wheels and No Wires?

From improving dispatch to avoiding traffic to locating on-road services to improving customer service, wireless solutions are enabling even small trucking companies to compete efficiently. While the media is rife with articles about how wireless technology will impact consumers, little is said of the tremendous impact of wireless on various industries. The transportation market, in particular, has been given short shrift from the press, yet it has pioneered all sorts of communications including two-way radios, wireless data, cell phones, and GPS-based asset tracking. This not-... (more)